Smooth Almond Butter




$15.99 NZD


Smooth Almond Butter Perfection, in a convenient 500g jar for all your almond-y needs. 

Golden roasted almonds carefully blended and combined with the finest New Zealand sea salt. Just two, high-quality ingredients made gloriously smooth.

Enjoy our Smooth Almond Butter:

  • stirred into oats
  • slathered on banana bread
  • on sliced apple
  • or straight off the spoon!


      Australian dry roasted
      almonds (99.6%)*, New Zealand sea salt.

      *We may use almonds from the United States
      if the Australian crop is in short supply.

      Nutritional Information

      Avg. quantity per: Serving 100g
      Energy 375 kJ 2499 kJ
      Protein 3.3 g 22.0 g
      Fat, total 7.6 g 50.3 g
      - saturated 0.6 g 4.0 g
      Carbohydrate 1.5 g 9.9 g
      - sugars 0.7 g 4.8 g
      Dietary Fibre 1.8 g 11.8g
      Sodium 25 mg 166 mg

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