Roadie - let's go places together

Our home, New Zealand, is iconic for its beautiful scenery, summer road trips, and the friendly locals you meet along the way (yes, that's you!).

We've been road tripping up and down the country since we blended our first jar of peanut butter over 10 (!!) years ago. This summer was no exception, spreading peanut butter goodness at every stop to pals all around the country. 

We're not ready to let go of summer just yet… stay tuned on our socials for adventure fuelled giveaways, delicious snack inspo and you might even spot us on a roadie in your town.

Our secret to a successful roadie? Be prepared.
Here are our road trip survival tips for your next adventure: 

1. Keep a car jar
Always keep a car jar close by for scenic snack stops; no one wants to be caught on empty. We recommend pairing it with our long-reach F&F spoon for the best snacking experience.

2. What’s a roadie without snacks?
Let's be honest; a road trip is the perfect excuse to indulge in all your favourite snacks. Whether you're a savoury snack lover or have a sweet tooth, here are some of our favourite combos for you to taste test on your next adventure:
3. Always know where your nearest supermarket is…
You never know when the peanut butter cravings might hit, especially if you missed tip #1. You can find your favourite jars of Fix & Fogg all over Aotearoa, in supermarkets and leading specialty stores. If you’re more of a planner, head to our online store to secure your top picks.
4. Keep your eyes on the prize.
We can all agree that we're proud to be from such a beautiful country. Make sure to soak up the scenery and keep your gaze on that beautiful greenery and coastline. Your F&F jar will be waiting for you, whether it's in the glove box, suitcase, chilly bag, or beach bag…the choice is yours, the flavour is uniquely ours. 

        Let’s go places together 

        Ready for a new adventure?